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Safest method for attaching boards to back of display

  • I’m working on a revise to my smart mirror (original is here) using legit glass instead of acrylic and mirrored film. Looks sooooooo much better. But I’m wondering now what the best way is to attached the lcd inverter board, power board and my rpi to the back of the display. Wasn’t an issue the first time around because I used a different display with the inverter board and power already assembled on the back. This time I’m using a different display and need to have these boards attached to the back without shorting out. Suggestions?

  • @sonicgoose what is the case? metal, wood, plastic?

    make a thing plastic/wood that attaches to the case and mount the boards there

  • @sdetweil I’m limited by the length of the wires attached to the boards, so mounting to the case, which is plastic, is not an option. They have to be mounted to the back of the display, which is metal.

  • Module Developer

    Traditionally, it seems said boards are held off the display a couple of inches with the shroud of the existing mount - There may be reasons for this, including electromagnetic shielding.

    However, if you wanna try ‘direct’ mounting, feel free - just use a milometer or so of non-conductive material in between.

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    I found a bulk pack of wooden popsicle sticks at my local craft store (Michael’s, I think). Something like 500 for a couple of dollars.

    I hot glue’d two of them to the back of my Pi and I intend to do the same to the monitor circuit boards later this summer. You can hot glue the other side of the sticks to the monitor or use some other adhesive.

    Another possibility: those credit card offers you get in the mail with the fake credit card included? Grab the sticky industrial booger from the back of those cards. It’s pretty strong, easily formed and temperature resistant.

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