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Raspberry reboot

  • Hello, I installed magicmirror, a few modules but I realize that the raspberry tends to restart on its own, can someone point me in the right direction?

    Raspberry pi 3 b+

    Thank you.

  • Not sure if I understand you. No need to restart, it runs for months. If you restart just change into de MagicMirror folder and type npm start

  • Module Developer

    Reboot on it’s own? As in it will randomly restart?

    Shouldn’t happen…

    How fresh is your OS install on the unit?
    Do you have anything in your crontab? crontab -e
    How new is the SD card?
    Is it getting good power? (High quality power supply)

  • Sorry, I do not speak English well, in fact it is not I who restart the RaspBerry, it reboots alone at times, without me doing anything, finally the reboot is only done when the MagicMirror module is launched. I do not understand why it reboot, because for the moment I configure it, so it is not a real problem, but when I would have installed it in the frame and behind a mirror without complexion, this risk of being very annoying let him restart alone …

  • @BKeyport I have the lite version with desktop: 2020-05-27-raspios-buster-armhf
    For food, it’s the one I got with the raspberry case when I bought it, for crontab, I don’t know what it is.
    The SD card is the original one, a scandisk 8gb.

  • Wel, it shouldn’t reboot by itself, maybe logging shows a reason. You could switch hardware; pi or sd card.

    You could run with default magicmirror config. No extra modules installed. To see if its still reboots, and after that slowly add your extra modules to check if one module causes the reboot.

    When running in a frame, enable ssh, so you can remotely acces the pi. You can also use pm2. This process monitors your magicmirror en restarts the magicmirror when it stops or after a reboot.

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