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No Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Everything was working fine this whole week up until today. I just added a module (MMM-RandomBackground) since the GooglePhotos module has been archived. Upon a reboot, I am no longer able to connect to my Wi-Fi router on my Pi or start my mirror. It’s probably a rookie error since I have just begun working on this and have no experience with Linux-based programming.
    Thank you for any support given

  • Module Developer

    Module shouldn’t have interfered with wifi - Do you have a Pi 4? There’s a couple of problems with Pi 4’s and Wifi.

    if you’re using a QHD resolution, it can jam wifi. second - if you’ve got 5ghz enabled, it can jam wifi.

  • I have a Pi 4 and it was running fine this morning, but when I came back home from running some errands it won’t connect again.

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