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Newbie Problem! Custom.CSS with Pi Zero W

  • Hey there!

    This is my first dip into MM and I’ve got it set up on my Pi Zero W, but I want to play around with sizing and other custom css things. After searching for a while I can’t seem to find any way to get into the custom css file? I’ve been trying to get into it through my ssh by trying to sudo nano /MagicMirror/css/custom.css, but it can’t find the file?

    I figure I’m being stupid in some way so was trying to figure this out by myself, but ended up giving in and asking the forums. Can anyone help me out?



  • Use Bitvise SSH Client - its free and allows you to see the contents of the SD Card - you can then open the Magic Mirror folders on the RHS (remote files) and you can edit custom and main css using Notepad++ (again free download)

  • @Elliotexplicit if u did the manual install the file is not created
    so u have to create it yourself (my scripted install DOES create the file for you, see

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