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difference between MMM-awesome-alexa and MMM-Alexa

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    @RIKKO14 Hey there is a another module that should work with amazon echo and google device


    that works much more easyer than the others…

  • @Stoffbeuteluwe but, you must have a real echo device for alexaControl

    @RIKKO14 you must sign up and create a device for the other Alexa modules.

    they are two different implementations of the same idea. all the voice modules take a bit of work to get going

  • Hello
    Ihave installd the modul mmm-Alexa and MMM-OnScreenModul.
    I Have entering the Code into the Config like this

                module: 'MMM-OnScreenMenu',
                position: 'bottom_right',
                module: 'MMM-AlexaOnOff',
                config: {
                   devices: [{ 
                   name: "Magic Mirror",
                      on: { 
                      notification: "ONSCREENMENU_PROCESS_ACTION",
                       payload: { actionName:'monitorOn' }
                      off: { 
                      notification: "ONSCREENMENU_PROCESS_ACTION",
                      payload: { actionName:'monitorOff' }

    Then i Have seach for new Devices in the Alexa App on my Smartphone.
    But Alexa find nothing.
    Can Anyone help me?

  • @radioman I do not know. alexaOnOff says it is no longer under active development.

    I use MMM-AlexaControl to do the same as both those modules.

    while it works for me (I have a v1 echo), others have not had success.

  • I just installed MMM-AlexaControl with success (with Echo 5)
    It was really easy.
    Followed the instructions from the first page on git and put the basic configuration in config.js…
    Then went to in order to scan for new devices, it found directly the devicename I put in the basic config.
    My aim was to jump to a specific slide on MMM-Carousel by talking to Alexa.
    This slide is the first one and containing an MMM-CalendarExt2.

    Here is the configuration I used if it can help someone :

        module: 'MMM-AlexaControl',
        position: 'middle_center',
          deviceName: "Miroir",
          image: false,
          pm2ProcessName: "mm",
          monitorToggle: false,
          vcgencmd: true,
          notifications: [
               name: 'Menu',
               port: 11100,
               OnOff: false,
               notification: ["CAROUSEL_GOTO", 1]

    Now, I can just say to Alexa (in french sorry…)

    Alexa allume miroir menu

    and it jumps to the correct slide rather than having to wait the cycle between all slides of the carousel.

  • @pvancald very nice

  • @pvancald you can scan for devices directly w your Alexa device.

    alexa scan for devices
    alexa discover devices

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