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    [2.12.0] - 2020-07-01

    Special thanks to the following contributors: @AndreKoepke, @andrezibaia, @bryanzzhu, @chamakura, @DarthBrento, @Ekristoffe, @khassel, @Legion2, @ndom91, @radokristof, @rejas, @XBCreepinJesus & @ZoneMR.

    ℹNote: This update uses new dependencies. Please update using the following command: git pull && npm install.


    • Added option to config the level of logging.
    • Added prettier for an even cleaner codebase.
    • Hide Sunrise/Sunset in Weather module.
    • Hide Sunrise/Sunset in Current Weather module.
    • Added Met Office DataHub (UK) provider.


    • Cleaned up alert module code.
    • Cleaned up check_config code.
    • Replaced grunt-based linters with their non-grunt equivalents.
    • Switch to most of the eslint:recommended rules and fix warnings.
    • Replaced insecure links with https ones.
    • Cleaned up all “no-undef” warnings from eslint.
    • Added location title wrapping for calendar module.
    • Updated the BG translation.


    • Removed truetype (ttf) fonts.


    • The broken modules due to change from last release. #1973
    • Add backward compatibility for old module code in socketclient.js. #1973
    • Support multiple instances of calendar module with different config. #1109
    • Fix the use of “maxNumberOfDays” in the module “weatherforecast”. #2018
    • Throw error when check_config fails. #1928
    • Bug fix related to ‘maxEntries’ not displaying Calendar events. #2050
    • Updated ical library to latest version. #1926

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