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Calendar entries wich repeated annually

  • Since the update to version v2.12.0 I have problems with my all day appointments in the calendar module.
    I have found out that if for example a birthday has not set a repetition, then everything fits. The birthday is announced correctly and “Birthday xy Tomorrow” and on the day of the birthday it shows: “Birthday xy Today”.
    However, if I set the date to be repeated annually, the date no longer fits. The appointment is displayed one day too early as “Today” and on the correct day the appointment does not appear any more.

    my config:

    module: “calendar”,
    header: “Kalender Familie”,
    position: “top_left”,
    config: {
    tableClass: “medium”,
    maximumEntries: 15,
    maxTitleLength: 50,
    wrapEvents: “true”,
    timeFormat: ‘absolute’,
    dateFormat: ‘Do MMM HH:mm’,
    urgency: 0,
    calendars: [
    // Familie
    symbol: “calendar”,
    url: “https://myurl:port/caldav///”,
    auth: {
    user: “”,
    pass: “”,
    method: “basic”,

  • @torte22 they updated the calendar entry parser library this release, and the new version is not better than the old one we had.

    there is some work going on to resolve this, but not fixed yet.

  • @sdetweil thank’s for the information, good to know where problem is located. Is it possible to switch back and use the old library in my running installation?

  • @torte22 if u can find the old iCal.js, maybe

  • i, am following this tread, i have the same problem. when the appointment is repeated its change by time. example:
    appointment x at 10 o’clock tomorrow non repeat --> MM say’s 10 o’clock
    appointment x at 10 o’colck tomorrow and repeat every day --> mm say’s 9 o’clock

  • @thiske see the post at the top of the troubleshooting section for the temp fix til next release.

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