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[MMM-RTSPStream] Cannot get vlc to work

  • Hi,

    I have a cheap IP camera.
    When I use my stream URL on my windows machine with VLC, it plays alright.

    When I use omxplayer, I get the video stream rotated by 90 degrees (which I can fix), but totally out of the window, somewhere on the screen.

    When I use VLC or ffmpeg, I only get a blank screen. Any idea about this? I’d like to use VLC.
    I only use one stream at the moment.

    Config is as follows:

                module: "MMM-RTSPStream",
                position: "upper_third",
                config: {
                    autoStart: true,
                    rotateStreams: false,
                    rotateStreamTimeout: 10,
                    moduleWidth: 640,
                    moduleHeight: 480,
                    localPlayer: 'vlc',
                    showSnapWhenPaused: false,
                    remoteSnaps: false,
                    stream1: {
                        name: 'Einfahrt',
                        url: 'http://user:pass@IP:Port/videostream.cgi?usr=username&pwd=password',
                        frameRate: '10',
                        width: 640,
                        height: 480,
                        rotateDegree: 90,

  • Module Developer

    I’ve never gotten VLC to work properly.

    Matter of fact, I’ve stopped using RTSPStream in favor of a custom module to open up a hole the screen for the camera, and manually running OMXPlayer so I can control it better because rotation never quite worked right.

  • I moved from a RPI 4 to an Intel NUC and I actually got MMM-RTSPStream (almost) working.

    The issue is that it does completely ignore my window size & position settings.

    If it is a 1080i/1080p it gets displayed almost at 100% of screen while if it is at 576p it gets displayed on top left occupying 1/4 of the screen…

    I am in desperate need to fix this module because it basically was the reason to build my smart mirror…

  • Module Developer

    Check out

    This is how to run OMX on top of the mirror, it’s super easy - around that post is all sorts of tricks on how to do it.

    My use is on my rotated screen, in the upper right corner, 415 x 750 Window (The coordinates will always be landscape)

    omxplayer --avdict rtsp_transport:tcp --live --orientation 90 --win "1500 320 1915 1070" rtsp://user:pass@frontcam/h264Preview_01_sub

  • @BKeyport we cannot use omxplayer on hardwares (Intel NUC in my case) other than Raspberry. 😉

  • For your information MMM-FreeboxTV (with some little edits) does everything MMM-RTSPStream did with the difference that it keeps being developed and it works fine with VLC! 😁

  • lol, If my module can help 🙂
    At start, it’s for french user for wathing TV … now it’s for every one simply editing or create your own stream file 😉
    It’s works ONLY with VLC

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