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Strange Zoom on screen

  • Mirror not been on for over a week, just turned it on and everything was in zoom mode… MM screen, and the actual Pi desktop when I minimised MM to see if it was just MM on it’s own… so thinking this is a Pi setting??? But cannot see anything that can fix this.

    Went into File, on top bar ( That bar was Huge, as was mouse pointer ) and used Zoom Out… until it looked like it was over a week ago… but it just don’t look right!
    The font is kinda blurry… not a lot but you can def see ghosting as if it was blurry… not as clear as it should be. This is both MM screen and Desktop.

    Anyone help me out with what could have went wrong here, and how to get it back looking proper?

    I have switched it off, then on… still not looking right… reloaded… still not looking right.

    No one was here to touch anything, monitor has been off but Pi still running, so i’m stumped as to why this has even happened, so I could at least have an idea of where to look for a fix.

  • @johnnyboy zoom in, in browser is Ctrl+ plus key (next to backspace), may need use shift too

    zoom on, is Ctrl +minus key ( also may need to use shift)

  • @sdetweil
    Thanks… but I managed to zoom it back down to a near enough size that it was the other week.
    But unsure why this has happened on it’s own, with nobody touching anything.

    And unsure as to why, even after zooming back out, that the font looks weirdly, slightly blurred… not as crisp clean as it once was.

    On the Pi itself, there is a setting in Desktop prefs for Large - Medium - Small screens… to revert to Default… so tried that, for small screen, and no change in blurryness… the other 2 settings obviously enlarge things…

    Soooooop, in other words - “revert to default” (what it looked like last week) does not revert it back to what it was… which is what I want… no blurry font… mods perfectly placed as I had them… and looking crisp and sharp as it did.

    Gremlins at work?

  • @johnnyboy I don’t know either, except I have seen it reported. my cat caused it once for me, it zoom restored it ok, without fuzziness.

    how is monitor connected? HDMI,??

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