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MMM-Carousel enable keypad issue

  • Hello Seniors,

    MMM-Carousel , MMM-Carousel 2 and

    I set following lines but left and right keypads are not working, do you need addtaional setup for enable keypads,

    I was thinking to setup joysitck for my mirror.

    { module: 'MMM-KeyBindings', config: { enableKeyboard: true } },
    { module: 'MMM-Carousel', position: 'bottom_bar', // Required only for navigation controls
     config: { 
    transitionInterval: 10000,
     ignoreModules: [], mode: 'slides', 
    showPageIndicators: true, 
    showPageControls: true, 
    slides: [
     keyBindingsMode: "DEFAULT",
     keyBindings: { 
    NextSlide: "ArrowRight", 
    PrevSlide: "ArrowLeft",
     Slide0: "Home" }

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