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Remote messages?

  • Is there a module that would allow me to display messages I (or someone else) chooses to send to the mirror remotely? The idea is to be able to say hi or send short messages to a mirror that is given as a gift.

    This would need to work via the Internet (ie, not only whole on the same LAN). I think the easiest would be to post the messages somewhere that the mirror can check occasionally. Happy to modify code or write simple Python scripts (JS ok in a pinch).

    I’d like it to be at least modestly secure — I don’t want random strangers to be able to stumble on the messages, which they could if I just used a script watching a twitter account for example.

    But I’m not sure what is available for this and what makes the most sense. — a Gmail or IMAP inbox? A password protected website? Encrypted Twitter messages? I can imagine a lot of possibilities. But I can’t be the first person to want to do this, so surely there’s some existing module or approach that will work.

    Any suggestions welcome!

  • For this, I use a To Do List module. You can add things to your “mirror” to do list remotely, and they will appear on the mirror a minute later. To erase the message, simply complete the to do list item or delete it. You can have multiple items in your list.

    I use this for reminders when I’m away from home for example.
    There are a few options, but I use that @thobach developed and it works really well.

  • In case someone else comes looking for this functionality, I settled on MMM-RemoteCompliments — it ties in to Google Drive, and by using the Current Compliment function, I can display a single message and change it manually, or cycle through messages using Random and Scheduled compliments. It’s a really nicely organized (and documented!) module. It also allows photos, which looks good on the monitor before adding the mirror; not sure how that will change things.

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