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[octomirror-module] Monitor & Control an OctoPrint 3D Printer Server

  • Re: [octomirror-module] Monitor & Control an OctoPrint 3D Printer Server

    Hello I need help about the module, i would like when my printer is turned off, i want to see nothing on my magicmirror just below my data:

            module: "octomirror-module",
            position: "lower_third",
    		showDetailsWhenOffline: false,
            config: {
                url: "",
    		showDetailsWhenOffline: false,		
    		printerName: "Creality-Ender 3 Pro",
    		showStream: false,
    		interactive: false,
    		debugMode: false,
    		showTemps: true,
                api_key: "218A52134E674CCDB774862855B05926"

    could you help me ??


  • Hello, are you able to get the “showDetailsWhenOffline” option to work I have the latest version of Octoprint and the “CORS” option check, when Octoprint is off the display remains on the mirror. 😞

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