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MMM-MP3Player (remade asimhsidd's player)

  • Hi, community!
    I present a MagicMirror module for playing music from folder.
    This is the version of the asimhsidd’s MMM-MP3Player module remade to my needs.
    @asimhsidd, thank you very much for so beautiful player!


    • my version play music from path, not USB;
    • besides .mp3, supports .wav and .flac;
    • has autoplay, random and loop options;
    • can be controlled with notifications;
    • only supports rock music.

    It was a first time I have ever worked with JavaScript. I know nothing! I just wanted working mp3 player for my mirror. After unsuccessful installations of several modules, I decided to remade asimhsidd’s player.

    P.S.: thank you, MichMich, for so cool project and community. Thank you, @sdetweil, for your numerous responses and hints and for helping module developers. I just want you to know you helped a lot of people (not only in this forum).


  • Hi, How can I enable mp3 player only between 3 hours in a day ?

    05.00 AM - 08.00 AM

  • @emrah_asl, Hi. This module does not provide such opportunity. I think you should search module that can turn on/off or hide other modules on time.

  • UPD:

    Version 1.2.0 - 2020.09.14

    • Now player displays album cover. It tries to retrieve the image from ID3-Tags, if nothing found, it searches file cover.jpg in the playing music file directory.
    • add: turn random on/off over notifications.
      more in

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