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Using Mirrored Window Film on TV

  • So i was looking into purchasing some 2 way Acrylic Mirror for my project but like i’m making it out of a 42in tv its turning out to be quite expensive for the mirror. so i stumbled upon window film for $30 at my local homedepot but can’t find anywhere on the web if anyone has tried using this on top of a tv and how it would be applied. if anyone has any info on this please let me know. ( They have larger.

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    The mirror film rarely lives up to the “mirror” part, sure it reflects light, but not enough to act as a usable mirror, secondly it’s quite difficult for a person who have never applied foil or vinyl before to get a good result without bubbles and deformity.

    If you read around on this forum there are many builders who would strongly advice against any mirror foil, even the pro’s think the mirrorfoil is a real pain to get right.

  • @broberg said in Using Mirrored Window Film on TV:

    The mirror film rarely lives up to the “mirror” part, sure it reflects light, but not enough to act as a usable mirror

    I’m going to disagree with this. I just applied some mirror film to a glass screen yesterday and it looks the exact same as a normal mirror, reflection-wise. No experience on whether this would work well when applied directly to a screen, though.

    HAVING SAID THAT, I totally agree with @broberg’s second point: the film is extremely difficult to get perfect. I tried three times and each time there were tiny specks of imperfection in between the film and glass. Every speck of dust or tiny hair fibre shows up as a blemish on the mirror. It really sucks. I highly recommend buying mirrored glass instead.

  • I used that product for testing with success, though as others have mentioned it is not ideal. There is an accessory kit with squeegee/cutter/spray that you should get if you go this route and you will need to work very hard to make sure the end result is clean and bubble/blemish free. I think it’s fine for prototyping or if you’re not too picky but I would also suggest getting the mirrored glass.

  • @Atheose thanks for the information im going out in a few to go pick it up the film as i figure its only 30$ worth a try worse case ill buy a sheet of glass and place thar on top or just bit the bullet and by the Acrylic mirror… ill update when i have it on

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