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MMM-Kodi-WebSocket - currently playing song on kodi

  • MMM-Kodi-WebSocket

    this is a fork from to work with Kodi,





    This is quick and dirty port, it doesn’t support videos, PR are welcome.

  • Module Developer

    yeah… maybe using this rule it will be better:

    node_helper.js => calculating and using node process
    MMM-module.js => displaying result of the node_helper

    in your case, the risk is :

    • slow down all the display of magicmirror
    • too limited function
    • maybe using node-kodi version into node_helper can help

    For displaying, you can use a part MMM-Spotify code
    don’t forget… all user use an RPI and not an real computer
    verify: RAM/CPU TIME / Traffic / DNS Using

  • Hi Bugsounet,
    as stated it’s just a quick port, given there was no Kodi module.

    I will probably not update it once it reach the level of functionality that I personally need.

    BTW I’m running it on a pi 3a+ and it seems to work ok (but I only have a couple modules) oops nope it’s running on a server

    Thanks for the suggestions anyway.

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