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Convert bytes to megabytes - JSON

  • Module Developer

    I’m creating a module that connects to my QNAP NAS and shows the current downloads (DownloadStation). It’s mostly working, but the download rate is in bytes and I’d like to display it in megabytes (or possibly kilobytes).

    The download list is in JSON format and I currently display the download name and download rate in a table as follows ( t being the JSON data):

                for (var i = 0; i <; i++)
                var row = document.createElement("tr");
                var name = document.createElement("td");
                name.innerHTML =[i].source;
                var downrate = document.createElement("td");
                downrate.innerHTML =[i].down_rate;
    		return wrapper;

  • @mongo116 so[i].down_rate is a number in bytes/second?

    what math would you use to convert that to

    kilobytes ( 1024)
    megabytes (1024"1024)


  • Module Developer

    @sdetweil Thanks for the reply.

    basically[i].down_rate / 1024 for kilobytes

  • @mongo116 right

  • Module Developer

    I figured this out in the end, with the help of google 🙂 I used the JSON.parse() reviver function to take the down_rate and up_rate from the payload and divide it by 1024 (and again by 1024) to convert the bytes to megabytes. What confused me at first was I was trying to do this in the node_helper.js, which didn’t work. It needed to be in the socketNotificationReceived of the .js file.

                    var payload = JSON.parse(payload, function (key, value) {
                        if ( key === 'down_rate' ) {
                        return (value / 1024 / 1024).toFixed(2);
                        else if ( key === 'up_rate' ) {
                        return (value / 1024 / 1024).toFixed(2);
                        else {
                        return value;

    I’m sure there is a proper way of doing this, but for my needs this is now working as needed.

  • @mongo116 json data before parse is called is a text string, and math in string is bad.

    parse converts to number if possible
    then math works.

    is parts of megabyte

  • Module Developer

    in MMM-Tools, i use this :

      convert: function(octet,FixTo) {
        octet = Math.abs(parseInt(octet, 10));
        var def = [[1, 'b'], [1024, 'Kb'], [1024*1024, 'Mb'], [1024*1024*1024, 'Gb'], [1024*1024*1024*1024, 'Tb']];
        for (var i=0; i < def.length; i++) {
          if (octet < def[i][0]) return (octet/def[i-1][0]).toFixed(FixTo)+def[i-1][1];

    octet: octets to transform
    FixTo: precision of the result

    Fixto precision sample: if you set it to 2 result is : X.XX, if you set it to 3result is X.XXX

    Of course, Unit is automaticaly set ! b /Kb/Mb/Mb/Tb
    That’s to you to adapt if you want to use it 😉

  • Module Developer

    Thanks for the replies 👍🏻

    I’ve got the bytes string converting to a number, so that’s all good. Now the next question, @Bugsounet how do I use your function within the JSON.parse function?

                    var payload = JSON.parse(payload, function (key, value) {
                        if ( key === 'down_rate' ) {
                        var num = Number(value);
                        return (num/(1024*1024)).toFixed(2);

    Just to add, I had tried the following and receive a this.convert is not a function

                        var downrate = this.convert(value,0);
                        return downrate;

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