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MMM-EmbedYoutube Live Channel!

  • Hi everybody!
    First topic here!

    I nedded to watch a live channel on my MM so I tried hard some solutions…
    As you may or not know live channels not always mantain the same Video ID, sometimes YouTube ends the broadcasting to policies problems, sometimes the same channel unplug the transmission to rights issues, or whatever… so the only ID that never changes is the real channel ID, which YouTube uses to broadcast the live version of the channel.

    So, what did I do?

    Easy, just comment this lines up on MMM-EmbedYoutube.js:

    //var videoId = this.config.video_id +"?version=3";
    		//if (typeof this.config.playlist !== "undefined" && this.config.playlist != "")
    			//videoId = "playlist?list=" + this.config.playlist + "&";

    And add this one:

    var videoId = this.config.video_id;

    And also comment this lines (wrapper.innerHTML) and add the last one:


    So, this way you just edit your config.js file on the video_id for the YouTube channel ID:

    video_id: "UCoMdktPbSTixAyNGwb-UYkQ",

    You could change this live channel at anytime.

    Where do you get the live channel ID? Glad you asked…

    Just roll your mouse over the channel name or icon this way:


    You will see the channel ID on the status bar, just copy this ID and paste it on your config.js file at the “video_id” line MMM-EmbedYoutube module.

    This was my result:


    Hope you like it…
    Best Regards!

  • Thank you, this is very good to know!