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Trying to get glowing pink text (new to coding)

  • Hey guys,
    I’m very new to coding but im currently making a mirror for my girlfriend as a birthday present. I’ve gotten everything to where I like it but the only thing I’m missing is glowing text.
    I’ve seen peoples videos with glowing pink and wanted to know if there’s any easy way to do that? Any ideas?
    I’ve found out how to make it various colors of pink but none turn out like the ones I’ve seen…

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    If it is photos of glowing text I can probably tell you that it doesn’t look like it in real life, there are many factors to get a certain look.

    But if you can show us an example of what color/glow you are looking than maybe we can help you figure out what to do!

  • @broberg shoot haha, looking back at the videos you’re totally right… it’s definitely just the recording from different angles that gives it that pink look.

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