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Low voltage warning

  • Hi,

    I am using 2x exactly the same build for my MagicMirrors.
    On one of them, I have a constant low voltage warning (white text field displayed in the top right corner, does not go away with disabling warnings in the boot.config.

    I am really confused about this, because on the other Mirror, no problems.
    I use a 3b+ and a power supply with 5.1V/3A output, and I also exchanged supllies between thge two mirrors, but still the same.

    Anyone got an idea how to get rid of this?

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    @requiemmg switch the PSU and see if the warning appears on the other mirror, too. Chances that the PSU is faulty.

  • As I said, I already switched the PSUs. Raspi A always displays the error, Raspi B not. No matter which PSU is being used.

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