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MMM-GooglePhotos 'next' button

  • I’m setting up a photo frame using MMM-GooglePhotos, it’s so rad. Works great, just wondering how to go about creating a script for a physical button I could mount on the outside of the frame and connect to the Pi that would advance to the next photo when pressed.

    I think this would be great - use case; if someone mentioned a photo that was on display and I wanted to show them more pictures I could just hit the button and cycle through them quickly rather than having to wait for the timed change.

    Anyone have any tips how I could achieve this?


  • @Sean Any ideas?

  • @jakub Sean is no.longer here.

    u will have to write some code I think.

  • @sdetweil Oh boo. I didn’t realise. I’m not that confident at writing code. Perhaps you could point me to where i can learn to program a button and maybe how the MMM-GooglePhotos module can be forced to change onto the next photo?

    Thanks for your help and for all the help you all provide to relative noobs like me.

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