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"absolute" does not mean absolute in default calendar module

  • Hi,
    As I am affected by the time offset bug in master I have tried the latest development version of MagicMirror.

    There is a bug in the display logic in calendar.js. I want to display the date/time in absolute format, i.e. never change to relative. I have getRelative=0 and urgency=0 in my config. Even so, the display is wrong.

    For Full Day Events it always shows “today”, “tomorrow” or “dayaftertomorrow” even if timeFormat=absolute. There seems to be a condition missing in calendar.js that takes timeFormat into account for full day events.

    For normal events the display changes to “Ends in xx minutes” for ongoing events. Looking at the code it looks like the condition on line 328 always is true regardless of timeFormat.

    How should I configure the module to ALWAYS use absolute as the format, i.e. under no circumstances change to relative?

  • @Alvinger you can change the timeFormat

  • @Alvinger also, as I am the one trying to fix calendar, I am interested in the offset problem.

    new fixes were released on Monday, do if u got the develop branch before then, do another git pull to update it.
    note: u need another

    npm install 

    to update the node-ical library

    if this doesn’t resolve your problem. I would love to see an event from your ics file. it is just text so I can copy/paste an entry here,

    begin vevent
    end vevent

  • @sdetweil the latest development version solved the offset problem for me. As far as the “absolute” problem I rewrote the relevant section of calendar.js. As I have already forked MagicMirror to make it run on my IOS 9.3.5 Ipads I can’t submit a PR (at least I don’t know exactly how to do that) but would be happy to send you the calendar.js file.

    There is still a problem with full day recurring events.

    I can PM you a link to a relevant public (but inofficial) calendar with the issues.

  • @Alvinger ok. the latest fixes, Monday did address full day recurring

    I would be happy to see the cal

  • Module Developer

    Absolute isn’t absolute, without other tags…

    getRelative and urgency also need to be set.

    // Force Absolute to Absolute all the time, michmich *really* hates solid dates, apparently. 
    timeformat: "absolute",
    getRelative: 0,
    urgency: 0 ,

  • Module Developer

    just asking, for iOS 9.3.5 compatibility did you change "let’ variable and arrow function in calendar and fetcher js?

  • @hango correct, that’s all I did. But I changed it in all MM files. If I just knew exactly which files are executed in the browser I could have changed just those. As the iPads require a server (which can handle the latest ES) one only needs to change the browser-executed files.

  • @BKeyport well almost! I have this exact config but running events are still changed to “ends in xx min”! And all day events still shows as “today”

    I’ve done a rewrite of the relevant section of calendar.js but can’t use my github clone repo to make a PR.

  • @Alvinger u needed to.make a fork, and then clone that. fork button is upper right

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