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New LCD Controller Board for Tv

  • Hello, this is my first Magic Mirror and I’m struggling with the hardware. I bought a used TV with a LG LC220WXE TBA1 screen.
    Now I want to buy a new controller board but don’t know which one to chose and how to power it. I’m a total newbie so please help me out!

  • @habedehab said in New LCD Controller Board for Tv:

    LG LC220WXE TBA1

    According to the datasheet it’s a simple LVDS LVD. 1-channel, 8-bit with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels.
    You can basically use any universal LCD controller board. I use a V56 or a V53 LCD controller board. You can flash its firmware via a USB flash drive. However, if you’re planning on using a PIR-sensor then you’ll also have to add a relay because it won’t go into standby mode. Instead it will complain about “No Signal”.

    One like this is very cheap and can be configured by a set of jumpers. Drawback is it only has a VGA port. So you’ll need an additional VGA-to-HDMI-adapter. However, the cheapest will do.

    You’ll also need an inverter for your LCD backlight. You need one with 4 connections.

    Have a read here. This site has all the information you’ll need.

    Don’t be shy to ask if you have more questions. I might not be able to answer them all but I’ll try my best to help.

  • Hi guys!! I am new to this forum. I am also facing similar situation and cannot decide which controller board to use.

  • @MadScientist thank you for the answer, that’s was very helpful. I tried to find a LCD board with a p two connection (that’s the cable from my monitor). Do I need to get some kind of adapter or how can I connect a P-two cable into a LVDS Board? 😞

  • You can buy the LVDS cables for cheap. Sometimes they already come in a set with the controller board. AFAIK you can use a 2Ch-8bit cable on a 1-Ch-(bit LCD but you should check the pinout of the LCD beforehand. I am not 100% sure though. You can look for the position of the GND and Vcc pins to varify.

    @lindataylor11 I have seen your post but didn’t reply because you left us in the dark about what you want to do exactly (PIR or not, relay ok or not ok, does money play a big role etc…).

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