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new boot rpi4 2 giga

  • hi all
    I now use the rpi 3B + but I ordered a new rpi4 2giga today, can I put my sd card from the 3 to the 4 or do I start all over again
    the controls on the rpi 3 are Raspbian 10 (buster)

  • @raf make a complete snapshot on the rpi3. Save that off the sd card, reimage the sdcard and install in rpi 4. Restore snapshot. All done.

  • @Alvinger
    can you explain to me how I am doing because I am still a novice in the field of raspberry pi
    I found this and suspect it should be

  • @raf no, that’s not it. You need an Rpi4-specific image. Do like this:

    1. Find out where MagicMirror is installed. I’ll use ~/MagicMirror in the below. (~ is a shortcut to your home directory)
    2. Go to your home directory by entering the command:
    3. Make a full backup of you MagicMirror installation by entering the command:
      tar czvf mmbackup.tgz MagicMirror
      This will create a file call mmbackup.tgz
    4. Copy the file mmbackup.tgz to another computer or usb stick. There are several ways to do that, google if you don’t know. The important thing is that you do NOT store it on the SD card. The easiest way is probably to use an USB stick. Insert the stick into the Rpi3 and Raspbian will normally automount it. I will assume that the stick is mounted as /mnt/usb. If so then copy the backup with the command:
      cp -vi ~/mmbackup.tgz /mnt/usb
    5. On you Windows computer, download a raspbian image for Rpi4.
    6. Insert your SD card and write the image to card using Etcher or similar program (The same as you did when creating the SD card for the Rpi3)
    7. Move the SD card to the Rpi4 and complete the install.
    8. Copy the file mmbackup.tgz from wherever you put it to your home directory (~). If you used an USB stick in step 4 above then you can use the command:
      cp -vi /mnt/usb/mmbackup.tgz ~/
    9. Unpack the backup with the commands:
      tar xvzf mmbackup.tgz
    10. Follow the instructions at to complete the install. Skip step 2 as you have already installed MagicMirror.

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