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Weather graph & calendar with custom MMM-forecast-io

  • I’ve work on this off & on for over 4 years, thought I’d finally show it off.

    The hardware is from a Kano kit that the kids got bored with. It’s a little LCD screen with a Pi mount behind it, all powered by USB. I’ve seen these for sale on Facebook Marketplace for under $100 lately.

    The Kano screen is for the kids to see it, I usually see it via a web page on my phone using http://192.168.1.x:8080

    I have this connected to 2 google calendars. The idea is to have mine on top, and the kid’s schedule at the bottom. I sometimes put the school lunch menu as daily entries for them.

    I’m most proud of the weather half of the screen. I’ve used dmcinnes/MMM-forecast-io weather module, and forked it to add a visual graph of rain, temperature, and wind. I’m very happy with the result.

    Module is at:


  • @FlatPepsi very nice work! amazing what you have done!

  • Just added a change that now shows snowfall!
    The precipitation graph is blue for rain, and white for snow.
    Latest version updated in the GIT repository.


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