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Unable to load MMM-Youtube Video

  • Hello, I just want load my playlist into this module with MMM-Carousel2. But nothing loaded.

    My Playlist Id is : PLX9f7wEtLptDMhXlTaT01ZmYuNWWo_5CK

    My config file is like this :

    			module: "MMM-YouTube",
    			position: "top_center",
    			config: {
    			  defaultQuality: "hd1080",
    			  width: "1920px",
    			  height: "1080px",
    			  volume: 0,
    			  disableCC: true,
    			  showPlayingOnly: true,
    			  defaultLoop: false,
    			  defaultShuffle: false,
    			  defaultAutoplay: true,
    			  onStartPlay: {
    				type: "list",
    				id: "PLX9f7wEtLptDMhXlTaT01ZmYuNWWo_5CK",
    				shuffle: false,
    				loop: false,
    				autoplay: true,
    			  playerVars: {
    				controls: 0,
    				hl: "en",
    				enablejsapi: 1,
    				showinfo: 0,
    				rel: 0,
    				cc_load_policy: 0,
    			  telegramBotCommand: {
    				YOUTUBE_LOAD_BY_URL: "yt",
    				YOUTUBE_CONTROL: "yc"
    			  outNotifications: {
    				"-1": "UNSTARTED",
    				"0": "ENDED",
    				"1": "PLAYING",
    				"2": "PAUSED",
    				"3": "BUFFERING",
    				"5": "VIDEO CUED",

    I dont understand how to configure this with playkist mode and auto start with fullscreen mode.

    Please help me.

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