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Copy of calendar

  • Hi,

    i tried with the default calendar to show only birthday events. we can filter “birthday” but not only show birthday.

    i succed to do it by modifying the file"calendarfetcher.js", row 436 : initial “return title.includes(filter);” to “return !title.includes(filter);”

    i tried to do a copy of the default module calendar to create a specific-calendar module but this is not working : always a loading message for the copy.

    I wanted a copy because I want a specific module only showing birthday and in the default calendar not showing birthday

    or maybe it is possible to show only birthday with the default module ?

  • @panda974 the calendar does not look for a field labeled birthday.
    As u have found u can filter/exclude events whos summary fields contain specific words

  • @sdetweil but I succed to do it with the default.

    that I tried to do is to copy the default module, rename it and use two modules “default calendar” and “specific calendar” with a filter for include only not exclude.

    but the copy dosn’t work and I don’t know how to do it

  • @panda974 the copy has to be moved out of the defaults folder

  • @sdetweil i did.

    with npm run start dev : no error but I have always a loading message for the specific calendar with all the same option as the default

  • @panda974 the fetcher info is displayed in the window where u did npm start.
    alt-spacebar, n to minimize mm

  • i found the module MMM-Mycalendar wich is a copy of the default calendar

    I will try to do a copy of this and find a way to do my specific-calendar


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