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minimize windows

  • Hello,

    i m looking for to minimize magicmirror’s window during rotation of mmm pages. it’s just an idea to see 2 internet’s windows in background before creating modules.
    Do you have a way to have a command line to work like alt and ctrl + M ?

    best regards

  • Module Developer

    i think it’s not a pretty solution
    My better way is set a background in fullscreen (fullscreen_above position) in magicmirror and display background only when change page

  • in fact i want to display a web page from chromium because i haven’t the module (specific trains and planes from toulon with real time)…i can reduce magic window with electron and have this web page next but i wanted pause magicmirror and display chrome 20 or 30 secondes and have a loop 🙂

  • Hello,
    i done the work…edit a script to display or not a web page in background and play with crontab to run every 5 minutes.Magicmirror is always running.
    For synchrone mmm pages with all modules and this script, it would be better to find a module who execute the crontab’s command like this ‘export DISPLAY=:0; /bin/bash /home/pi/ >/dev/null 2>&1’
    if you have some idea…thanks

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