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MagicMirror² Module: YrThen

  • Hello all, i am new in this forum and i am also new to build the Magic Mirror but i am underway .-) i need some help to understand how i can add the Norwegian translating file to the module MMM-YrThen so it show up in Norwegian language for my Magic Mirror.

    I hope somebody knows 🙂


  • @mettenes said in MagicMirror² Module: YrThen:


    Should be easy

    1. clone the MMM-YrThen module
    2. Go to MMM-YrThen/translations folder
    3. copy en.json file and paste it as nn.json
    4. open nn.json and replace all the english translations to Norwegian
    5. Go to MMM-YrThen folder and open MMM-YrThen.js file
    6. Edit getTranslations function and code as below, note the last line.
        getTranslations: function() {
            return {
                no: "translations/no.json",
                en: "translations/en.json",
                sv: "translations/sv.json",
                fi: "translations/fi.json",
                fr: "translations/fr.json",
                es: "translations/es.json",
                el: "translations/el.json",
                da: "translations/da.json",
                nn: "translations/nn.json",
    1. Save the file and restart the Magic mirror.

    PS: Are you sure Norwegian is not already supported in this module ? I can see no.json file and I think that is also being used as Norwegian language code ?
    Let me know if above does not work.


  • Hello, sorry for my late reply

    Thanks for your advise 🙂 i manage to change the language but i clanged to the standard weather module later…
    I have one another question about resize all the modules on how to do that? I am using a 32" tv screen and the modules is filling all the screen but i cant figure out how to make all smaller. i have tried all setting in the screen on soo but without success… is there any solution for this ?!

  • Hi

    I am not sure if i understood your question correctly. can you please add screenshot/photo so its clear what is issue.
    About size of modules there are many ways to do it. Modules have config options like maxWidth or you can also make whole screen bigger or smaller using browser zoom function.


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