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Default Calendar Module

  • I inadvertently deleted the default Calendar module block in config.js and I have gone round and round with the two examples on that modules page and I cannot get it to run. It crashes MM where whatever that block was prior to getting deleted it showed Thanksgiving and Christmas before Thanksgiving then just Christmas this weekend but I have not been able to replicate that block correctly.
    3rd Party modules have the block and it’s just a copy/paste exercise but not this module that I can figure out on my own. Anyone have that part of the default installation of MM?

  • @ankonaskiff17 copy it from the sample in config folder

  • @ankonaskiff17 general rules

    The thing to the left of : does not need quotes

    To the right of :
    If true/false, or a number, no quotes
    Otherwise needs quotes. Either style will work

    If the thing on the next line is a word, this line needs to end with a comma
    Also see the two links in my signature

  • @sdetweil I just did. Worked like a charm.I started wading through posts about calendar & config and that answer was about #10 on search list. Thanks.
    I do have question related to the url calendar labs though. Are there any other free calendars out there ? What happens to that url when we roll over to 2021? I’d like a calendar that a rolling calendar such that it would should early 2021 holidays

  • @ankonaskiff17 calendar labs has a page of 2021 calendars, but they have no 2021 dates!?

    Don’t know what is going on

  • I just put in the maxnumbeofdays property and set to 30 days. That calenderlabs ical is just static so it doesn’t do anything or so it seems to me.

  • @ankonaskiff17 said in Default Calendar Module:


    Did u spell it right. Calendalabs cal ends after Christmas… as I said

  • @ankonaskiff17 you can always use the Google holidays calendars. They have country-specific calendars for most countries.
    google holidays

  • I don’t understand why but neither the CalendarExt2 or the default calendar will show a Google calendar with JUST holidays. They both accept Google’s http://yadaada.ics
    link that Google provides in settings. The default MM calendar spits out a message saying no upcoming events. Ext2 is just a void on screen.
    Additionally the Ext2 calendar, when I use my Google calendar (that works in Ext2) it strips out the holidays some kind of way. Neither Christmas or New Years show yet appointments past those two holidays do show.

    I need to go read some more on Ext2 calendar.

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