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Custom.css file

  • Is there supposed to be an empty or commented out custom.css file in the CSS folder along with Main.css?
    I’ve read several different things in different modules that seem to say there should be. I’ve done MM install on two Pi’s for different monitors and there is no custom.css file in either.

    Is there a template or just create a blank file and save as custom.css?

  • @ankonaskiff17 if you installed manually, (clone, npm install), then u have to create the empty file yourself, the command

    touch ~/MagicMirror/css/custom.css

    will do that

    if you used the automated install script, it would have done that for you

  • Okay.
    Instructions were pretty explicit in saying do manual install so thats what I did.
    There probably should be an asterisk on manual instructions that say that.
    I just went back and looked and says manual install is only official method but doesn’t say that anywhere.

    FWIW, I was looking at stuff in Developer Tools and there was a fault showing around custom.css even though it isn’t installed so I assume one of the modules is trying to make a call to it.

  • @ankonaskiff17 yes, the system tries to load the file and fails…

    the doc says

    Alternative Installation Methods
    The following installation methods are not maintained by the MagicMirror² core team. Use these scripts and methods at your own risk.
    #Automatic Installation Scripts

  • I could have phrased that better. It doesn’t say that you need to create the custom.css file from scratch if you use the official manual install.

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