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Working Weather Underground module?

  • Just started out setting up my MM today. But I haven’t been able to find a working weather module that uses Weather Underground (WU). I want to get the weather from WU because I have a weather station that uploads to WU and I want to show the data from my station in MM.

    Does anyone have a working WU module they can recommend ?

  • @chanster wu is no longer free, and the api has changed. no one has updated the module

  • @sdetweil Thanks! Being a new MM user, it’d be nice if there was a way to flag which modules are no longer working. Went through quite a number of modules today trying to find a working one.

  • @chanster i hear you. but this is all volunteer. no commitment to maintain a module. people make them for themselves, and sometimes share. and then move on.

    sometimes the service provider drops out from under a module and the author has no interest in trying to update it. keeping up w the changes going on around us is a lot of work

    I look at the age of the last change, if more than 6 months ago I move on.

  • @sdetweil Totally agree and understand. The amount of work that’s gone into this is awesome.

  • For me it’s the same Problem.
    My new Weatherstation can upload the dato to Ecowitt, Wunderground, Weathercloud, WOW an all Servers with the Ecowitt oder Wunderground protocol.
    The problem is to find a working module to get my weather data on the mirror.
    The biggest problem - i cannot code.

  • @c1olli I have the same problem too - cannot code 😛

  • @c1olli @chanster but its worse than that… the service no longer exists for free, AND the data has changed…
    and any other provider the data has changed… so its almost a complete rewrite

  • Ive been wanting to change over to Wundergorund Data just havent got around to looking into it as I also want to display my station data rather than the official observations which are a good 20km from my location.

    Im not a coder but have managed to bumble my way through modifying the weather module from the WallberryTheme for MM to work with the Australian BOM data, its not a user friendly implementation but it works.
    @chanster I jumped in not knowing anything about Node JS and just started playing with it seeing what did what and eventually got what I wanted out of it.
    So… take stab at it clone a Wunderground repository on github and just start looking at the code and and let it speak to you.

    But if that doesnt work for you I want to get a Wunderground module working on my MM so will be looking into it shortly. Ive got a pressing project Im working on that I hope to get finished in the next couple of weeks after that I will be looking into it. If you (or anyone else) would like to help out who knows what we will be able to achieve.
    You can see what Ive done with the Wallberry theme weather module and keep an eye out for when I get started on the Wunderground module.

  • @Saabman Thanks for sharing your experience ! I will absolutely take your suggestion and start poking around. As I’m new to MM, I wanted to get an operational dashboard up and running and now that I have, I can go and see if I can get WU to work as you’ve suggested.

    My current workaround to get my weather station data into MM is via Home Assistant (HA). I have a plug-in for HA that brings WU data into my HA dashboard. I’m using the MMM-HomeAssistant module to push that over to my MM dashboard.

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