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  • I’m having trouble getting started with this project.

    I can’t seem to figure out what kind of display I need. I looked at this guide

    But it has a 7inch display… Which is tiny.

    I’m looking at monitors… But I’m confused as to how you’d power that and a pi. Seperately I’d assume? (Which leaves the problem of hiding cables.

    Also I’m reading I should use an hdmi monitor but some are better than others for this?

    I’m really looking for something between A4/A3 size…

    I’m a total newbie at this and need your advice… Please help.

  • @jste84

    Hey I am relatively new at MM as well (not to Pi though). I created 2 of these so far. The first was created using the 7" Pi display. That was used mainly as a proof of concept. Once I ironed out everything I wanted, I ended up going on Kijiji and found someone selling a 22" monitor for $25. It has DVI connection but I use an HDMI to DVI adapter which works great.

    As far as powering everything, you will need to power your monitor and the pi separately. You can hide everything behind the mirror with the exception of the 2 power cables (pi cable and monitor). I haven’t figured out a way around this yet.

    Hope this helps.

  • @Bolovai you can use slim power strip to power the display and pi and only one cable needs to be managed. you can also manually switch off both of them after shutting down pi (optional) from the power strip button or cable.

  • @jste84 , an idea to use a single power cord.

  • Thank you for all these ideas they’ve really helped.

    So my progress so far is I’ve stripped back a 17" LCD monitor.

    Ordered 2 way mirror acrylic and I’m loving the power idea above so going to look into that

    My next question is what’s the best way to fix the monitor to the acrylic.

    The original link suggested duck tape… But would that be enough for the weight of the monitor?

    Then my last problem is the frame… But I think I need to sort the above first and then get a frame once I’ve got it configured and attached to the acrylic

  • Also I’ve gone for a bigger sized acrylic than monitor, with my thought being the top half is where my smart info would display, 42 x 59cm will be my dimensions…

    So if you have any hints for housing this and attaching the stripped back monitor I’d love to hear them

  • @jste84 , I tried acrylic. It is flexible and distorts the image. I glued reflective film on the glass. He doesn’t have a very good reflection. You will spend money and time and you will be disappointed. If you want quality, buy glass and you will have quality.

  • @ashishtank

    Right for the 7" i do have the one slim power strip in use. I was referring to the other MagicMirror deployment I have using a 22" lcd monitor. That still needs the full monitor cable for power outside of the pi power cable.

  • @Bolovai check @George post, you can have one power strip cable coming out of mirror and in that power string you can plug monitor and pi.

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