MagicMirror² v2.13.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.


  • This is an Android App that allows you to connect to a MagicMirror and modify it. This can either be done via BLE or over Wifi.

    Current release status and download link:
    I will upload the app to the PlayStore, once the missing features are added.


    • for BLE, you need to have the ble_app_interface module installed and your smartphone needs to have at least Bluetooth 4.0
    • for Wifi, you need to have the MMM-Remote-Control module installed and you smartphone needs to be whitelisted on the MagicMirror


    The modules view lists all currently used modules. But only the default modules have all their possible parameters and descriptions displayed. 3rd Party Modules only show the currently defined parameters. Missing ones need to be added manually by name and type.
    I will add a description on how to add new modules to the app soon.

    If you want to have your module listed like the Default Modules, feel free to create a Pull Request or an Issue (but the issue will be low priority for me) on GitHub.

  • @aschulz90 So it´s like the MMM-Remote control module but in an android app 🙂 sounds nice! great work 😃

  • At first the app was developed only with my Bluetooth module in mind. That is, because I want to build some MagicMirrors for friends and family, but i don’t want to set them all up individually (as in connect them to their wifi by touching the RaspberryPi). And Bluetooth was the first that came to mind, to solve that issue.
    One could also create a general image for RaspberryPis with a MagicMirror installation, you can just write to SD and plug in and have the software ready to go (except wifi connection). The wifi setup can be handled with the app via Bluetooth (where MMM-Remote-Control wouldn’t work yet).

    I added the MMM-Remote-Control interface just for fun to the app (and because its faster, because BLE ist quite limited in bandwith). I will probably add an adapter for the MMM-Mobile module too, so users have as much options as possible, for communicating with the mirror.
    And maybe someone comes up with even another option for connecting, that doesn’t rely on a wifi connection.

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