MagicMirror² v2.6.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.

Releasing stable

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    Ugh … I should be beaten with a stick. I knew I forgot something. I ordered another rPi-3 yesterday and completely forgot to add an rPi-2 to the order to use as dev/test platform. But, I did order more HDMI cables and uSD cards … just forgot the rPi itself. Oh well … another shipping charge. I’ll get it eventually …

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    Hey @MichMich, you’re certain it’s the rPi B+ (512Mb) that has the curl issue, not the rPi-2 B (1Gb)? Perhaps this is one of those times where telling folks to upgrade their hardware is a better/easier solution considering a) how cheap they are, and b) hardware-wise, we’re several iterations ahead already. There’s a point where supporting older hardware (running older and unsupported base software) just becomes a pain.

  • Agree. I don’t make any modifications for older pies.

  • @MichMich I do have the same issue on my RP 3 , all calenders are working only my private google calender doesn’t

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    Hey @Wilco89, can you try creating a secondary private calendar, and importing that, see if it works? If it too fails, can you share that second URL with me so I can try to debug it?

  • Most issues seem to be solved, and the translation system is completed. I’m waiting for some feedback on the “wonky” time overflow, and might then move beta to stable.

    What do you guys suggest to be the best approach? Shall we keep a beta repository as well?

  • I think it is pretty stable, and think that future improvements should be worked out in a beta version.

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    We could release v2 (stable), keep v2-beta to continue developing on that release. Or, start a new branch (v2-StuffWeThoughtWorkedButReallyDoesnt)… Or just start with v2.1, v2.2 etc., etc. At least till there’s another major update, or we’ve mucked with it so much that it’s not really a base v2 anymore…

  • Yeah, probably gonna move current master to 1.0, move v2-beta to master, and create a develop branch. Agree?

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    Yep, that sounds like a plan.