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MMM News Feed

  • is it possible to change the module that it only shows news from the actuall day
    I use the german news feed from and if it is possibel i want to see only the news from today

  • Moderator

    @sek_is_back I think this is not possible currently. However it seems like a good idea to implement.

    For a work around, you could try tuning the maximum number of news items with the config option maxNewsItems (see the documentation). Since new items will be shown first, this would be a kind of way to “remove” old items.

  • i did this, but in that case i miss some news, ill wait and learn, maybe i can fix this by my own in the future 😉

  • I also implemented the maxNewsItems solution.

    It keeps really old content from sticking around (I was seeing feeds from over a month old) but it favors one of the three feeds I have added in now, only displaying items from that feed and ignoring the rest.

    It would be cool to see an update where it pulls one item from every feed added before adding a second item from the same feed.

    i.e. Feeds 1, 2 & 3 - pulls one from feed 1, then one from feed 2, then one from feed 3, then another from feed 1, another from feed 2, etc.

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