How to Troubleshoot

  • Module Developer

    Hey there beginners like me :-)

    I would like to show you, where and how to find errors while installing, using or developing MagicMirror 2.

    What we need:
    MagicMirror2 from github -> installed on a Raspberry Pi.

    Try to use the automatic install as described in the

    A really good tool to see whats going on behind your MM2 is Firebug ->
    If you run you MM2 as node serveronly you will have a lot of informations.

    Connect to your Raspberry using Putty ->
    Username: pi
    Password: raspberry

    1. Start StandaloneServer: node serveronly
    2. open your FirefoxBrowser (replace your Raspy’s IP adresse)
    3. Press F12 to start Firebug

    If you are using PM2 you will get informations running these command:
    pm2 info mm (replace mm whit your App Name)


    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ pm2 info mm
     Describing process with id 0 - name mm
    │ status            │ online                            │
    │ name              │ mm                                │
    │ restarts          │ 5                                 │
    │ uptime            │ 3h                                │
    │ script path       │ /home/pi/                    │
    │ script args       │ N/A                               │
    │ error log path    │ /home/pi/.pm2/logs/mm-error-0.log │
    │ out log path      │ /home/pi/.pm2/logs/mm-out-0.log   │
    │ pid path          │ /home/pi/.pm2/pids/       │
    │ interpreter       │ bash                              │
    │ interpreter args  │ N/A                               │
    │ script id         │ 0                                 │
    │ exec cwd          │ /home/pi                          │
    │ exec mode         │ fork_mode                         │
    │ node.js version   │ N/A                               │
    │ watch & reload    │ ✘                                 │
    │ unstable restarts │ 0                                 │
    │ created at        │ 2016-05-13T08:30:59.308Z          │
     Add your own code metrics:
     Use `pm2 logs mm (--lines 1000)` to display logs
     Use `pm2 monit` to monitor CPU and Memory usage mm

    Here you’ll find again a lot of informations where to find your error_log or your out_log.

    If you create a console.log("something"); debug message or output you’ll be able to see this info using the following command:
    tail -f /home/pi/.pm2/logs/mm-out-0.log (replace the path with your paht to log or error file)

    This will be continued…

    so long Bangee…

  • MagicMirror Creator

    Nice work! Feel free to add this to the wiki! :)

  • Admin

    You could also use pm2 logs mm to get the logs! A bit easier than remembering the file path :)

    If you have any problems regarding a black screen, always make sure to use to validate your config.js (just paste its content into the website). You can of course also use firebug as stated above.

  • If I am debugging code I am writing, is the easiest way to:
    -save the module.js files
    -run “pm2 restart mm”
    -run “pm2 logs mm”

    Or is there a different command that will update the code and how the system in running on the fly without having to restart the mirror each time?


  • Module Developer

    you can test your software in a browser using the webserver:

    install in firefox a tool called Firebug
    it will show you errors on the fly.
    Changes in node_helper.js requires a restart of your mirror software.

  • Is there a way to see the log via a module?

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