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  • Any chance on integrating the nest protect smoke detectors?

  • Module Developer

    @pugsly Sure. What kind of info would you be looking for on it? From what I see on the API, we can read CO Alarm State, Smoke Alarm State, Battery Health, and some other things people probably don’t want to see.

    What I’m thinking right now is putting a colored ring (like the one on the smoke detector) around the thermostat circle to indicate good, warning, or emergency status. Any ideas?

  • Well, I have 3 of them so not sure how to display but I do like the colored ring based on status. There are also alerts that could be displayed as well.


  • Module Developer

    I made a separate branch if you want to check it out. I’ll merge it after I run some more tests.

    You are going to have to edit your Nest developer settings to allow read access to the “protect” in order for this to work. When you do that, you’ll need to run again to get a new token.

    I gave you the option to use a visual representation, or a list representation. If you use visual, you have the choice to display your nest, protect, or both together.

    Here are some of the ways it displays to you.

    I can’t find the “Smoke is clearing” data or stuff like that, so it just shows if there is an alarm for smoke or carbon monoxide, or if your battery is low.

    Please take a look and tell me what you think.

  • So I’m making modifications to support Nest Cams. The only catch is that the cameras have to be public. I can pull the calls and writing up a UI. It’s in my own github and plan to do a PR soon.

  • Module Developer

    @alberttwong That’s great! I don’t have a drop cam so I’m not really sure what information people would want to get from them.

  • So there seems to be some gotchas. Basically, the Nest API doesn’t help yet. In the meantime, you can get the Nest Camera working through MMM-iFrame with caveats (

  • New here, about to start making mine. Have to wait until my raspberry pi gets here in a few days though. The module looks great, however, I was wondering if it is possible to add the function to adjust the temperature on it. Up/down arrows, change from A/C to heat, switch it off and so on.

    Thanks! Hopefully I’ll have some information to provide soon.

  • Module Developer

    @caseyrcoughlin It might be possible, but how would someone select the up/down arrows, etc? Are you setting up a touch screen mirror?

  • @mochman Yes, it’ll be a touch screen. Adding a touchfoil to it. I’m still VERY new at this and haven’t had a chance to even play around with anything so most of it is out of context for me right now but I know it’s a feature I’d like to see incorporated. I’ll start tinkering with it myself soon hopefully.