digital photo frame

  • Hi,

    over the Chrismas days I’ve created a slideshow modul which is close to the functionality of a “digital photo frame”.


    At startup the modul scans a local directory structure and creates a repository of the image files to display. At this point in time the module hide itself and waits on a command to start. The slideshow will start by a notification message from another modul, hides all other modules and shows the pictures in fullscreen mode. New pictures wil show up by a configurable time intervall. If the exif tag of the photo provides an information on the date taken, this date is shown in a footer line at the bottom of the screen. In addtion the footer line shows an album name, the number of photos of the album and the last received notification message (command to steer the show).

    The slideshow is controlled by notification messages from a separate control modul. I’ve implemented a communication (socket io) to an external voice recognition modul based on snowboy. I think the modul (i.e alexyak/voicecontrol) would also work.
    It is possible to switch between photo albums (represented by subdirectories of the loaded directory structure), to go forward , backward or to stop the photoshow by speaking a command.
    It would be easy to modify the module with regular scans of the directory structure. There is already a command to reload the file structure during the run of the slideshow. Access to pictures on a remote server (i.e. NAS) works fine by mounting the remote folders into the local directory structure.
    With the command ‘INFO_BOARD’ the slideshow stop, hide itselfs and switch back to info mode by showing up all other module.

    I would be pleased if my modul can be used as a base for further development by a more experienced programmer like me.

  • @Patex cool! i hope you will figure that out soon 🙂

  • @Mr.Sponti sounds great 🙂 I´ll see if I can use the code (still need to get better at coding at all…) 😃

  • Core Contributors

    I just publish another module for show images from a directory. The idea was checking process of module development.

    If anybody have ideas or new features to add please add issue into the Github.

  • @roramirez Super cool! thanks 🙂

  • @roramirez

    Wow well done ! But if i understand the module correctly it will show pictures from the var urlApHelper = “/MMM-ImagesPhotos/photos” directory?

    Is it possible to add a feature that grab the images from dropbox or simulair?

    ~Edit: maybe a local website, or mobile application to upload pictures is earier to setup? ~

    Hope to hear you soon!

  • @Labzz you can set a ln -s between your dropbox and the modules folder

  • Core Contributors

    @Labzz the /MMM-ImagesPhotos/photos is a backend endpoint for get content from upload directory used by module. You can synchronize the your DropBox folder in upload directory.

  • Project Sponsor

    I’m also looking for a solution to make the mirror to a photo frame. Is it maybe
    possible to use with your module a picture viewer like “feh”? Up to now I’m useing
    feh to show my HD-Photos on a large TV. The best would be to have a hardwareswitch (or a voice command) to chanced between photoshow and the
    infos an the mirror. Has anyone an idea?
    Unfortunatelly I have no experience in programming.

  • @roramirez you can change or modify your module pull photo from dropbox (replace from folder) . I mean more detail in programming for apply in mirror project v2.1

    Thanks for your kind