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  • V2.8.0

    ❤Donate: Enjoying MagicMirror²? Please consider a donation! With your help we can continue to improve the MagicMirror² core.

    [2.8.0] - 2019-07-01

    ℹNote: This update uses new dependencies. Please update using the following command: git pull && npm install. If you are having issues running Electron, make sure your Raspbian is up to date.


    • Option to show event location in calendar
    • Finnish translation for “Feels” and “Weeks”
    • Russian translation for “Feels”
    • Calendar module: added nextDaysRelative config option
    • Add broadcastPastEvents config option for calendars to include events from the past maximumNumberOfDays in event broadcasts
    • Added feature to broadcast news feed items NEWS_FEED and updated news items NEWS_FEED_UPDATED in default newsfeed module (when news is updated) with documented default and config.js options in
    • Added notifications to default clock module broadcasting CLOCK_SECOND and CLOCK_MINUTE for the respective time elapsed.
    • Added UK Met Office Datapoint feed as a provider in the default weather module.
    • Added new provider class
    • Added suncalc.js dependency to calculate sun times (not provided in UK Met Office feed)
    • Added “tempUnits” and “windUnits” to allow, for example, temp in metric (i.e. celsius) and wind in imperial (i.e. mph). These will override “units” if specified, otherwise the “units” value will be used.
    • Use Feels Like temp from feed if present
    • Optionally display probability of precipitation (PoP) in current weather (UK Met Office data)
    • Automatically try to fix eslint errors by passing --fix option to it
    • Added sunrise and sunset times to weathergov weather provider #1705
    • Added “useLocationAsHeader” to display “location” in config.js as header when location name is not returned
    • Added to newsfeed.js: in order to design the news article better with css, three more class-names were introduced: newsfeed-desc, newsfeed-desc, newsfeed-desc


    • English translation for “Feels” to “Feels like”
    • Fixed the example calender url in config.js.sample
    • Update ical.js to solve various calendar issues.
    • Update weather city list url #1676
    • Only update clock once per minute when seconds aren’t shown


    • Fixed uncaught exception, race condition on module update
    • Fixed issue #1696, some ical files start date to not parse to date type
    • Allowance HTML5 autoplay-policy (policy is changed from Chrome 66 updates)
    • Handle SIGTERM messages
    • Fixes sliceMultiDayEvents so it respects maximumNumberOfDays
    • Minor types in default NewsFeed
    • Fix typos and small syntax errors, cleanup dependencies, remove multiple-empty-lines, add semi-rule
    • Fixed issues with calendar not displaying one-time changes to repeating events
    • Updated the fetchedLocationName variable in currentweather.js so that city shows up in the header

    Updated installer

    • give non-pi2+ users (pi0, odroid, jetson nano, mac, windows, …) option to continue install
    • use current username vs hardcoded ‘pi’ to support non-pi install
    • check for npm installed. node install doesn’t do npm anymore
    • check for mac as part of PM2 install, add install option string
    • update pm2 config with current username instead of hard coded ‘pi’
    • check for screen saver config, “/etc/xdg/lxsession”, bypass if not setup
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  • V2.7.0

    MagicMirror² version 2.7.0 was just released:

    ❤Donate: Enjoying MagicMirror²? Please consider a donation! With your help we can continue to improve the MagicMirror² core.

    [2.7.0] - 2019-04-01

    ℹNote: This update uses new dependencies. Please update using the following command: git pull && npm install. If you are having issues running Electron, make sure your Raspbian is up to date.


    • Italian translation for “Feels”
    • Basic Klingon (tlhIngan Hol) translations
    • Disabled the screensaver on raspbian with installation script
    • Added option to truncate the number of vertical lines a calendar item can span if wrapEvents is enabled.
    • Danish translation for “Feels” and “Weeks”
    • Added option to split multiple day events in calendar to separate numbered events
    • Slovakian translation
    • Alerts now can contain Font Awesome icons
    • Notifications display time can be set in request
    • Newsfeed: added support for ARTICLE_INFO_REQUEST notification
    • Add name config option for calendars to be sent along with event broadcasts


    • Bumped the Electron dependency to v3.0.13 to support the most recent Raspbian. #1500
    • Updated modernizr code in alert module, fixed a small typo there too
    • More verbose error message on console if the config is malformed
    • Updated installer script to install Node.js version 10.x


    • Fixed temperature displays in currentweather and weatherforecast modules #1503, #1511.
    • Fixed unhandled error on bad git data in updatenotification module #1285.
    • Weather forecast now works with openweathermap in new weather module. Daily data are displayed, see issue #1504.
    • Fixed analogue clock border display issue where non-black backgrounds used (previous fix for issue 611)
    • Fixed compatibility issues caused when modules request different versions of Font Awesome, see issue #1522. MagicMirror now uses Font Awesome 5 with v4 shims included for backwards compatibility.
    • Installation script problems with raspbian
    • Calendar: only show repeating count if the event is actually repeating #1534
    • Calendar: Fix exdate handling when multiple values are specified (comma separated)
    • Calendar: Fix relative date handling for fulldate events, calculate difference always from start of day #1572
    • Fix null dereference in moduleNeedsUpdate when the module isn’t visible
    • Calendar: Fixed event end times by setting default calendarEndTime to “LT” (Local time format). [#1479]
    • Calendar: Fixed missing calendar fetchers after server process restarts #1589
    • Notification: fixed background color (was white text on white background)
    • Use getHeader instead of data.header when creating the DOM so overwriting the function also propagates into it
    • Fix documentation of useKMPHwind option in currentweather

    New weather module

    • Fixed weather forecast table display #1499.
    • Dimmed loading indicator for weather forecast.
    • Implemented config option decimalSymbol #1499.
    • Aligned indoor values in current weather vertical #1499.
    • Added humidity support to nunjuck unit filter.
    • Do not display degree symbol for temperature in Kelvin #1503.
    • Weather forecast now works with openweathermap for both, /forecast and /forecast/daily, in new weather module. If you use the /forecast-weatherEndpoint, the hourly data are converted to daily data, see issues #1504, #1513.
    • Added fade, fadePoint and maxNumberOfDays properties to the forecast mode #1516
    • Fixed Loading string and decimalSymbol string replace #1538
    • Show Snow amounts in new weather module #1545
    • Added as a new weather provider for US locations
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  • RE: Testing MM modules

    @jfisher446 You can add new test inside of testsuite for own module.

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  • RE: Add further npm dependencies to basic MM installation

    The problem is I don’t want to bloat the basic installation. (Looking back I prefer to not have any additional vendors at all).

    And how would we select which dependencies we include in MM and which dependencies we don’t?

    What would be a great feature, is to allow a module to specify the rpm modules it requires and let MM install them on startup if they are not currently available. 🙂

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  • RE: Just testing. Please ignore.

    @yawns Thanks! 😂

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  • RE: 55" LED TV Cr4z33 Mirror

    That is CRAAAAZY! Nice work man! 🙂

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  • Just testing. Please ignore.

    Just testing the Discord integration. Ignore this topic. 😉

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  • RE: [Remote-Control] Shutdown, Configure and Update your MagicMirror

    Hi everyone, these is a new version, lots of credit goes to @shbatm for this. Please give it a try and see if it fixed the various issues. There are also better error messages, which might help us narrow down the problem. Without further ado, this is the changelog:

    [2.0.0] - 2019-02-21

    Huge shoutout to shbatm for his work on this new major version, which brings a new API, custom menus and commands and lots of other stuff:


    • REST API interface for controlling all aspects of the MagicMirror from HTTP RESTful-style GET and POST calls, based on principles from MMM-Api
    • Live daily updates of modules.json from the MagicMirror wiki, based on principles from MMM-Remote-Control-Repository.
    • Incorporated some features found in MMM-OnScreenMenu that were not originally in this module.
      • Monitor (Connected Screen) On-Off Status and Toggle
      • Delayed calls (“DELAYED” Query option and .../delay API paths)
      • If using Electron: Open Dev Tools, Minimize, Toggle Fullscreen
    • Configuration Option to send custom shell commands to use. Currently, only custom monitor on/off/status commands are supported.
    • Module Control menu - Automatically generated from the API to control the different modules you have installed, based on their notificationReceived function.
    • Custom menu items. See Custom Menu Items in README
    • Norsk bokmål translation


    • Updates to remote.html and the node_helper.js to use direct SocketIO communication back and forth instead of separate HTTP calls.
      • Future framework for following PM2 logs and more live update options.
    • General clean-up and standardization of status reporting for GET and POST calls, to original URLs and to new API URLs.
    • Updated to ES2015 (ES Version 6) function calls in most locations.
    • Added USER_PRESENCE controls from AgP42
    • Added/updated french translations from BKeyport and Mysh3ll
    • Added SHOW/HIDE/TOGGLE ALL modules option per request from Rene1709

    Upcoming Changes

    • Add additional MMM-OnScreenMenu features:
      • Moving modules’ positions
    • PM2 Log Follower / Terminal Window
    • Added Notification Echo option to config to echo all Module Notifications to the remote’s DevTools console for debugging.
    • Allow for text input in the Module Controls menu to be able to provide a notification payload.
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  • RE: Considering taking donations to support the MagicMirror project. Interested in your thoughts!

    For anyone that donated so far: I’ve enabled the “Sponsor” badge in the user profiles. If you prefer not to show, you can disable the badge in your user profile.

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