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  • V2.7.0

    MagicMirror² version 2.7.0 was just released:

    ❤Donate: Enjoying MagicMirror²? Please consider a donation! With your help we can continue to improve the MagicMirror² core.

    [2.7.0] - 2019-04-01

    ℹNote: This update uses new dependencies. Please update using the following command: git pull && npm install. If you are having issues running Electron, make sure your Raspbian is up to date.


    • Italian translation for “Feels”
    • Basic Klingon (tlhIngan Hol) translations
    • Disabled the screensaver on raspbian with installation script
    • Added option to truncate the number of vertical lines a calendar item can span if wrapEvents is enabled.
    • Danish translation for “Feels” and “Weeks”
    • Added option to split multiple day events in calendar to separate numbered events
    • Slovakian translation
    • Alerts now can contain Font Awesome icons
    • Notifications display time can be set in request
    • Newsfeed: added support for ARTICLE_INFO_REQUEST notification
    • Add name config option for calendars to be sent along with event broadcasts


    • Bumped the Electron dependency to v3.0.13 to support the most recent Raspbian. #1500
    • Updated modernizr code in alert module, fixed a small typo there too
    • More verbose error message on console if the config is malformed
    • Updated installer script to install Node.js version 10.x


    • Fixed temperature displays in currentweather and weatherforecast modules #1503, #1511.
    • Fixed unhandled error on bad git data in updatenotification module #1285.
    • Weather forecast now works with openweathermap in new weather module. Daily data are displayed, see issue #1504.
    • Fixed analogue clock border display issue where non-black backgrounds used (previous fix for issue 611)
    • Fixed compatibility issues caused when modules request different versions of Font Awesome, see issue #1522. MagicMirror now uses Font Awesome 5 with v4 shims included for backwards compatibility.
    • Installation script problems with raspbian
    • Calendar: only show repeating count if the event is actually repeating #1534
    • Calendar: Fix exdate handling when multiple values are specified (comma separated)
    • Calendar: Fix relative date handling for fulldate events, calculate difference always from start of day #1572
    • Fix null dereference in moduleNeedsUpdate when the module isn’t visible
    • Calendar: Fixed event end times by setting default calendarEndTime to “LT” (Local time format). [#1479]
    • Calendar: Fixed missing calendar fetchers after server process restarts #1589
    • Notification: fixed background color (was white text on white background)
    • Use getHeader instead of data.header when creating the DOM so overwriting the function also propagates into it
    • Fix documentation of useKMPHwind option in currentweather

    New weather module

    • Fixed weather forecast table display #1499.
    • Dimmed loading indicator for weather forecast.
    • Implemented config option decimalSymbol #1499.
    • Aligned indoor values in current weather vertical #1499.
    • Added humidity support to nunjuck unit filter.
    • Do not display degree symbol for temperature in Kelvin #1503.
    • Weather forecast now works with openweathermap for both, /forecast and /forecast/daily, in new weather module. If you use the /forecast-weatherEndpoint, the hourly data are converted to daily data, see issues #1504, #1513.
    • Added fade, fadePoint and maxNumberOfDays properties to the forecast mode #1516
    • Fixed Loading string and decimalSymbol string replace #1538
    • Show Snow amounts in new weather module #1545
    • Added as a new weather provider for US locations
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  • RE: Testing MM modules

    @jfisher446 You can add new test inside of testsuite for own module.

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  • RE: Add further npm dependencies to basic MM installation

    The problem is I don’t want to bloat the basic installation. (Looking back I prefer to not have any additional vendors at all).

    And how would we select which dependencies we include in MM and which dependencies we don’t?

    What would be a great feature, is to allow a module to specify the rpm modules it requires and let MM install them on startup if they are not currently available. 🙂

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  • RE: Just testing. Please ignore.

    @yawns Thanks! 😂

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  • RE: 55" LED TV Cr4z33 Mirror

    That is CRAAAAZY! Nice work man! 🙂

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  • Just testing. Please ignore.

    Just testing the Discord integration. Ignore this topic. 😉

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  • RE: [Remote-Control] Shutdown, Configure and Update your MagicMirror

    Hi everyone, these is a new version, lots of credit goes to @shbatm for this. Please give it a try and see if it fixed the various issues. There are also better error messages, which might help us narrow down the problem. Without further ado, this is the changelog:

    [2.0.0] - 2019-02-21

    Huge shoutout to shbatm for his work on this new major version, which brings a new API, custom menus and commands and lots of other stuff:


    • REST API interface for controlling all aspects of the MagicMirror from HTTP RESTful-style GET and POST calls, based on principles from MMM-Api
    • Live daily updates of modules.json from the MagicMirror wiki, based on principles from MMM-Remote-Control-Repository.
    • Incorporated some features found in MMM-OnScreenMenu that were not originally in this module.
      • Monitor (Connected Screen) On-Off Status and Toggle
      • Delayed calls (“DELAYED” Query option and .../delay API paths)
      • If using Electron: Open Dev Tools, Minimize, Toggle Fullscreen
    • Configuration Option to send custom shell commands to use. Currently, only custom monitor on/off/status commands are supported.
    • Module Control menu - Automatically generated from the API to control the different modules you have installed, based on their notificationReceived function.
    • Custom menu items. See Custom Menu Items in README
    • Norsk bokmål translation


    • Updates to remote.html and the node_helper.js to use direct SocketIO communication back and forth instead of separate HTTP calls.
      • Future framework for following PM2 logs and more live update options.
    • General clean-up and standardization of status reporting for GET and POST calls, to original URLs and to new API URLs.
    • Updated to ES2015 (ES Version 6) function calls in most locations.
    • Added USER_PRESENCE controls from AgP42
    • Added/updated french translations from BKeyport and Mysh3ll
    • Added SHOW/HIDE/TOGGLE ALL modules option per request from Rene1709

    Upcoming Changes

    • Add additional MMM-OnScreenMenu features:
      • Moving modules’ positions
    • PM2 Log Follower / Terminal Window
    • Added Notification Echo option to config to echo all Module Notifications to the remote’s DevTools console for debugging.
    • Allow for text input in the Module Controls menu to be able to provide a notification payload.
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  • RE: Considering taking donations to support the MagicMirror project. Interested in your thoughts!

    For anyone that donated so far: I’ve enabled the “Sponsor” badge in the user profiles. If you prefer not to show, you can disable the badge in your user profile.

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  • RE: Considering taking donations to support the MagicMirror project. Interested in your thoughts! posted in MagicMirror