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Approach to show message in MM once an RF signal was detected

  • Hi there,
    I’m looking for an approach to accomplish the following:
    I have some (remote) radio controlled power outlets (on 433 MHz signals). Currently I have 4 of these outlets, so 8 different codes (on /off). I would like to display a message on my MagicMirror once a particular power outlet has been switched on. The message should disappear if the particular power outlet has been switched off again.
    I have a wireless receiver for my Pi up and running and also found a RFSniffer ( written in C++ which works fine so far. I can see all codes for each outlet if I switch it on/off by the remote control.
    Now I’m struggling with the implementation in my module for MM. I understand that I have to use the node_helper.js somehow to receive notifications. But I only found a way to get results of Python scripts back to the node_helper. I don’t find a RFSniffer tool written in Python.
    Question 1: Is there any Python RFSniffer available?
    Question 2: How can I get the result from the C++ Sniffer to the node_helper.js to evaluate it in my module? Is there a way without having a Python script inbetween? If not, is there any tutorial or similar code available that I can use as template to solve my requirement?

    Thanks in advance!