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Gesture control with APDS-9960

  • @sean said in Gesture control with APDS-9960:


    no idea as well… waiting on my sensor APDS… once received, i’ll test with your module 👍🏼

  • Hi,
    I’ve the PAJ7620u2 one.
    I’m experiencing some stability issue with it (it always stops working after some minutes) but overall it’s great. I will post about the stability issue later on.

    I’m interested into how you guys are using the sensor in a "beautiful way).
    Before buying it, I thought I could cover it with some “speaker fabric” but it’s not working neither…

    Do you have some smart ideas on your side on how to hide it?


  • @bolish i thought about it meantimes i am waiting for delivery… i was thinking to make a kind of slot in one of the wooden frame side, just enough to make so that the wood layer is so thin that i hope it will let pass the gesture but it will be difficult to do as my mirror is already build now and i can’s say for now if it will work. if you come up with another idea… feel free to share 🙂

  • @bibi
    I’ve already made some trials with 1mm thin wood. Forget about it.
    You will find the product data sheet with some recommandation at the bottom of below page :
    link text

    I’ve tried behing 2mm wood, with a hole (3mm diameter), it works fine. Not so ugly…

    Let’s see.


  • @bolish that’s exactly what i was thinking but thx for the recommendations… i will even not try an attempt then. i wanted smt “beautiful” as you mentioned but without seeing the sensor…
    hmm i’ll think about smt or maybe i’ll check another solution as voice command… with jarvis