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C++ Programm wirePi() blocks MMM-DHT22 modul

  • hy

    My Hardware Setup is:
    raspi 3 with motion sensor (hc-sr501), gesture sensor (ADPS-9960) and the temperature sensor (dht-22) and a capacitiv sensor button.

    now i want to show the temperatur with the mmm-dh2 modul => is working very fine…

    But now i have a self writen c++ programm witch is reading the data from the motion and gesture sensor, => writes it to a file => a pythonscript read the command from the file and makes the http requests to the mirror => everything is working fine, the gestures and detected motions are detected and shown by the notification module.

    But now the dht-22 modul is not working anymore.

    it seems that my application is blocking the other ones gpio access,

    How is this issue possible?

    The same issue is, if i enable the PIR Module and the DHT22 Module ,
    PIR is working fine but the dht22 no more

    with best regards

  • Project Sponsor

    @schmo90 I’m sorry, not helping your issue here, but, where do you have the adps-9960 placed? I have ordered one but I’m curious to know if it can read gestures when placed behind the mirror glass?

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