MMM-OralB / Bluetooth equipped toothbrush integration

  • Someone on the Home Assistant Forum seems to have the code figured out:

    Is it now possible, to display the same information like the app does?

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    Guys, I would like to relive this topic. Using the project from the home assistant guy( who even referenced us 🙂 ) and our combined effort we should be able to reach something, shouldn’t we?

    @SvenSommer are you still listening? 🙂 I’ve looked through your repository but have not found a final implementation of a timer. There is still no server-client communication, or have I overseen something?

    The problem is still that every toothbrush version may behave a bit differently but having at least a timer on the mirror and maybe even a bit more (battery status) after that would be a big win.

    So while I’m trying to understand this code which should present at least part of the solution, I’m happy for everyone who joins the effort to make toothbrushing great again!!

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    Exciting times!!

    I have been able to move a bit further on this (I think)
    With the help of this linkedin post (which funnily enough referenced this forum) and above mentioned post in the home-assistant forum I was able to dive a bit deeper into noble and the BLE interaction.
    The current status:

    • I can read out battery status!! (with the help of this gitlab snippet (yeay!)
    • I receive data when turning the brush on and off (and on again) and am able to filter this data. However I’m completely new to noble, the BLE services system and apparently need to learn a lot.
    • I am using the npm module @abandonware/noble since the original noble has not been maintained for a few years.
    • For some odd reason, I needed to put my js file into the noble folder and work from there. Still need to try working in the oral-b main folder

    Here’s what I have learned:

    According to the linkedin post (and I could validate that) the “manufacturerData” is NOT a fixed brush-specific value BUT CONTAINS ACTUALLY USEFUL INFORMATION. And it changes. Some of the brush information is written into this entry. You can get the status of the brush and the running time from this.
    The question of course is if this is really needed.

    From my point of view you only need a reliable signal when turning on and off the brush. I’m not sure if I have that already, @SvenSommer might have been already further than I am now, but it is still exciting.
    It is still a problem for me to properly talk to the brush 😃 . I would like to have a constant flow of information (at least receive the “manufacturedata” every second or so) when the brush is active, and currently I don’t know how to do that. Guess I need to trigger this somehow with noble.


    • Implement a timer into the module and check if the current setup works well enough.
    • Find more characteristics to use as data source
    • Find out how to constantly trigger the brush to send its manufacturedata.

    And finally here’s my code:

    var async = require('async');
    var noble = require('@abandonware/noble');
    //var OralB_manufacturerData = 'dc0003220c0328000001010004';
    process.env['NOBLE_HCI_DEVICE_ID'] = 0
    noble.on('stateChange', function(state) {
        console.log('Changed state to:' + noble.state);
        if (state === 'poweredOn') {
            noble.startScanning([], true);
        } else  {
            console.log('changed state to: ' + noble.state);
    console.log('Searching for OralB Toothbrushes');
    noble.on('discover', function(peripheral) {
      var ad = peripheral.advertisement || "";
      if (ad.localName == "Oral-B Toothbrush") {
        //console.log('Found device with local name: ' + ad.localName);
        //console.log('advertising the following service uuid\'s: ' + ad.serviceUuids);
        //console.log("ID: ";
        //console.log("Advertisement: "+ad);
        if (ad.manufacturerData) {
            //console.log('Found OralB Toothbrush with ID: ' +;
            peripheral.connect(function(error) {
              if (error) {
                console.log("Error connecting to peripheral: " +error)
              } else {
                console.log('Connected to peripheral: ' + peripheral.uuid);
                peripheral.discoverServices([], function(error, services) {
                  console.log("Discovering services...")
                  if (error) {
                      console.log("ERROR while discovering peripherals: " + error);
                  } else {
                      /*console.log('discovered the following services:');
                      for (var i in services) {
                          console.log('  ' + i + ' uuid: ' + services[i].uuid);
                      /*setTimeout(() => {
                        noble.startScanning([], true);
                      }, 1000);*/
            peripheral.on('disconnect', function() {
              console.log("Peripheral disconnected. Scanning again!");
    function discoverChars(service) {
      service.discoverCharacteristics(null, function(error, characteristics) {
        for (var i in characteristics) {
          var charUUID = characteristics[i].uuid;
          //console.log("UUID: "+charUUID);
          if (characteristics[i].uuid == "a0f0ff0550474d5382084f72616c2d42") {
                if(error !== null) console.log("error", error);
            characteristics[i].on('data', function(data, isNotification){
                valueInt = data.readInt8(0);
                //console.log("Battery: "+valueInt+"%")
            characteristics[i].read(function(error, data) {
                if (data) {
                  valueInt = data.readInt8(0);
                  console.log("Battery: "+valueInt+"%")

  • @lavolp3 Thanks for your post. I will have a look into this, hopefully in the next week! I’m still convinced we should build this module.

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    @SvenSommer Thanks Sven and good you’re back on this 🙂

    I have one question on noble I can’t figure out.
    with noble.on('discover') I can exchange information on discovery, so as soon as the brush sends a certain signal. All good.
    But how can I trigger the brush to send its manufacturedata, let’s say, every 2 seconds?
    Or is that not possible at all?