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Image Galery

  • Did anyone try to do something like this? You could use it like these digital pictureframes and show your favourite holidaypictures.
    I can’t find a module, that does something like this. It’s such a simple idea, that I thought someone might have done it, and I’m just to stupid to find it… 🙂

  • I would love this! 😃

  • i would also be interested in this 🙂 are you thinking about flickr, icloud or something? or a simple picture folder on the pi?

  • or even Facebook. 🙂 That sounds interesting. But I think, that I’m not able to do it. Just thought, someone allready did it, because it sounds so logic to me. 🙂

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    So just looking at this, and all you amazing folks who are eager to jump in and start writing code … seriously, you all should. That’s no joke … start somewhere. There’s plenty of information on the web, and several folks here who can also help.

    Anyway, my take on this:
    Doing a local folder with pictures, while possible, also adds a lot of unknowns. For example, the images might not necessarily all be the same physical dimension, and loading one might go really fast while loading another will be rather slow because it’s so much bigger and you’re scaling it down. Or, or you pre-process your images to a specific size and then upload them to the rpi. BUT! Why do that when there are services out there that automatically do that for you? Let’s look at options:

    Flickr has a public API:
    They even have a node.js API kit making it easier to integrate:

    iCloud API … iCloud API … anyone, iCloud API? (sorry, Ferris Bueller reference there.)
    Same goes for Facebook …
    And unfortunately, also Google Photos. They terminated development on the Picasa API on May 1st, but have yet to open their Photos API to the public. So you’re stuck using the Picasa one for now till they completely shut it down, at which point you can only hope they would’ve released the new one.

  • @KirAsh4 I was also looking for a picture frame module and thought MMM-RandomPhoto is what I’m looking for but it only seems to be working with Therefore I would prefer the possibility to load the images from any URL, NAS or whatever. All those services like flikr or picasa are comming and going and within my infrastructure everything is more save.
    I would highly appreciate a module like this.

  • I’m interested in this kind of module since the Mirror version 1.0

    I would use it as “Stache of the day”
    Every 24 hours a different, simple comic mustache in the correct position and size will brighten up your day when standing in front of the mirror.

  • @Mephiston2K : haha, that’s a good one 😃 this would be great with 3D tracking via camera 😉

  • I’m interested in doing something similar but with random video files

  • With the origin MM version 1.0 I realized this with Scott Robbins jquery plugin ‘Backstretch’. This was realy simple to integrate and has satisfied my demands. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it running with the new MM version 2.0. Maybe someone with a higher skill level than myself may succeed.

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