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Screen size < mirror size

  • Hi forum,

    has anyone experience building a smart mirror with a (e.g.) a 22" monitor and a bigger mirror in front of it? Actually, displaying information on the right hand side would be sufficient for me. However, I fear uneven lighting due to the monitor only sitting on one side. Or is fear for no reason?


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    @nikolauzi I have a 120*60cm mirror with a 24" screen on one end, you will get bleedthrough from the backlight of the screen, so the screen surface will be visible. How much so all depends on the light transmission of the mirror and in combination with the room.

    If you worry about ambient light from other sources that would get through where the screen isn’t you could always add vinyl to the back side to stop light getting through.

  • Module Developer

    You will most often get bleedthrough, but how much really depends on your screen. You could look through the posts in the show your mirror section. Here you will be able to find some pictures where you can see the bleedthrough and decide for yourself if you can live with that 🙂

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