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Pi Zero MM

  • 0_1486642016788_mm.jpg

    I didn’t take many pictures of the process.

    Took a little longer than I planned because I had to reorder a thicker mirror. If you order from amazon go with the 3mm unless you want a funhouse mirror.

    Pi zero $5 (micro center)
    Parts for pi $18 (Amazon 8 in 1 makerspots)
    Plexiglass $35 (Amazon 12x24 3mm)
    Mirror body $8 (goodwill)
    Misc plywood and fasteners ~$20
    VGA to HDMI $8 (Amazon)
    TV $20 (goodwill)

  • Is the zero just showing a browser of the MM with another Pi running in server mode? Or can the zero handle the application?

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