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  • Hi
    I am planning on creating a smartmirror with an ir-frame. My plan is to create different desktop’s and then be able to move between them using a swipe. You can see an illustration of what i want here:
    This way, I could have a desktop of the modules I preffer; my girlfriend could choose her modules on her desktop an so on. Is this something that is possible in magicmirror or am i better of just creating a webpage myself using idangero?

  • Module Developer

    Well, the first “issue” I can think of is that the raspberry isn’t powerful enough to do a smooth sliding animation, but if you can live with that I see no issue in making multiple layouts, maybe using the profileswitcher module, but instead of fade in/out you have a sliding animation.

  • But i guess that module would need a bit of tweaking since it has to rely on swipes, instead of facial recognition? Perhaps it would be easier to just create a webpage myself in html/js/php since i need to incorporate touch ability to most of the modules. But thank you very much for pointing me towards the profileswitcher module. I will take that into consideration.

  • Module Developer

    @mortenbirkelund I’ve made two touch modules, none of them swipe, but anything you can do with a mouse you can add to MM via javascript events, like click etc etc.

    There are more profile/module selection modules to hide and show different kind of modules, they don’t need facial recognition, they can get input from any source, more or less.

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