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  • Am i right in thinking that its no good me looking to have a basic music player in my MM? Owing to not being able to use/see the cursor?
    I had the thought too that I could just use Kodi as a music streamer running underneath , but when I finaly got around to trying that, it never dawned on me that Kodi retains its landscape aspect… not good on a portrait screen.

    Any suggestions on a basic music player… preferably where i can stream from my pc, or from a flash drive/stick added to the Pi? Whether this is a MM module that can be used somehow using something like MMM Remote control… or just one that I can run from Raspbian’s desktop in the background?



  • Module Developer

    You could probably use remotecontrol and mpg123 (that runs in the background).

    Look at how gismoz voice radio and my touchplayer works. (Running .sh scripts to starr mpg123)

  • @broberg
    Hey thanks for that… Is mpg123 a third party module i add?

    Where do I go to see see how gismoz voice radio and your touch player works? — (Running .sh scripts to starr mpg123) … ok, that is waaaaay over my half brain cell lol but willing and able to give anything a go… I’ve only just learned how to Add to and Edit the config.js, so i’m still very much at the breast feeding stage with Linux and my Pi

  • Module Developer

    @johnnyboy mpg123 is a linux mp3player that you run from the terminal, it’s a program not a module.

    My touchplayer

    Gismos voiceplayer

    Mpg123 is found here

  • @broberg

    Thanks… I will have a look at those ;-)

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    This post is deleted!

  • @broberg
    Ok, just gotten back to this now… So, how do I get this downloaded since it’s not through the usual method eh? The

  • Module Developer

    @johnnyboy to install mpg123 on your raspberry : sudo apt-get install mpg123

  • @broberg

    I will get on that now. Thanks :-)

  • @broberg
    As an aside… using apt-get autoremove, (to get rid of packages no longer required) produces E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: permission denied)
    E: Unable to lock the administration directory (var/lib/dpkg/) , are you root?

    Why is is?

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