powering the raspberry

  • Hi community,

    I am new to this all, so …

    I want to power the raspberry 3 from my 220v power cable or my monitor. (like Micheal Teeuw)

    The monitor is a old Eizo flexscan L367 ( specs here: https://www.cnet.com/products/eizo-flexscan-l367-lcd-monitor-15-series/specs/) which has an USB port.
    When i connect the raspberry to that port NOTHING happens … ( maybe just a port for management or something like that i think)

    Does somebody know what to buy to make the cable that Michael Teeuw made? I think i need something that has 5v and 2.5A and usb …

    Any suggestions are welcome !


  • Module Developer

    @poekel most regular usb adaptersand outlets are only at most 2.4A the pi3 desperatly needs a minimum of 2.5A. get the oem raspberry ac adapter to be on the safe side

  • The only pi that I am able to power from a USB port on a display is the pi zero. Like broberg said, you’re best bet is to buy OEM one

  • Hello,
    I solved it myself. See the pictures …


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