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  • Hello all,

    I’m having trouble with my calendar. It was working beautifully for a very long time. But suddenly about a month ago it started randomly posting “no upcoming events” even when there were some.

    Sometimes a reboot would solve the issue. Other times it wouldn’t. As time has gone by it’s been harder and harder to get my calendar events to display. It’s almost like it’s looking at a wrong calendar, though I’m not sure how that’s possible.

    I saw somewhere else on the forums that switching to webcal seems to help with calendars, but that hasn’t seem to have helped.

    Any help?


  • Closing this. I ended up exporting to a gmail calendar, which instantly worked. My best guess is that is doing something different that the magic mirror code doesn’t account for. A bit of a pain to make the switch, but now it works.

  • I just tried hooking up my outlook calendar as well to end up having the same issue. Can you share how you exported to gmail? thanks!

  • Nevermind, I ended up adding (not importing the calendar to my google calendar) and then got the share .ics link from there

  • Ah yeah, unfortunately has removed the ability to export calendar for some dumb reason. Seems to have happened after the server changes, and their helpfiles have not been updated.

    I fired up Outlook 2016 (the program), loaded up the account and used that to export the calendar.

  • Just in case someone is looking for the ability to use the calender.
    It works but unfortunately without any birthdays (if the birthdays are part of the contacts).

  • @killing-joke How does it work? Are you using the “Export to Gmail” method mentioned above or some other method?

  • hello, I am using an outlook addon which is gsyncit to synchronize my outlook calendar to gmail calendar. no problem with the mirror which contains the gmail calendar.

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